Dorothy Grace Laity

May to December     02:31

Established Sitcom     

Alec's daughter Simone just found out about his relationship with the much younger Zoe. Over a tense dinner Simone lets her feelings be known until Zoe can stand it no more and retreats to the garden.

High Spirits     01:14
​Established Film     

High strung Sandra attempts to unwind from the happenings of the previous night in a relaxing shower, until a case of mistaken identity leads her to her first ghostly encounter.

Any Messages?     0:57     Westcountry Dialect

Joyce Grenfell

Established monologue.

Comedy     01:58     
Maureen Lipman

After a stood up row on her TV show, Daniel approaches Jane Lucas in her office to ask her out.

This clip won a spot prize in the Fishpond 'F.A.B. For Comedy' contest (Sept '16).

Radio Drama     37:00
Lynda Kirby

Originated 'Lady' & 'Miss Emily'